Team Vitruvian

On the left is my good friend & Art-Dealer Titus de Boer, on the right is my good friend & Photographer Black Pixi… Team Vitruvian began when Horton painted The Last Supper under the pseudonym Vitruvian after the famous drawing by Leonardo Da Vinci titled Vitruvian Man.

Import [1] 110.JPG

Vitruvian original artworks are stamped with a custom made wax seal & a rubber stamp of Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man…


Three Amigos

Team Vitruvian on Tour Art-Tour


Horton’s Solo Exhibition at MADE Gallery in Brighton 2016

The Last Supper

The Last Supper was published in the Brighton & Hove Argus which is the principal newspaper for Brighton & Hove on polling day for the general election. Vitruvian correctly predicted that the Tories would win by painting the pig with the blue rosette branded with No10!


Click the link below to read about the inspiration & creative process for The Last Supper…

The Last Supper



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