Steampunk – Work in Progress!

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Coming soon! Horton is currently working on a new series of oil paintings featuring the Steampunk movement that is sweeping the globe.

Introducing the Premier Steampunk Artist in Brighton

Doctor Horton-Smythe, join me on this exciting creative journey…


Steampunk Girl with Parrot

Work in Progress [1]


The Doctor is working on this piece, this is the underpainting which will be developed using several layers of oil paint building up tones & details until it is a finished oil painting available to buy. Canvas Fine Art Prints will also be available from just £40…

Work in Progress [2]


Work in Progress [3]


Work in Progress [4]


Work in Progress [5]


Coming Soon!

I discovered Steampunk last year when my friend Black Pixi introduced me to it. Steampunk has been described to me as Mad Max meets science fiction. I love the eccentricity of it & the impeccable manners that Steampunkers have. Steampunk is a sub-culture encompassing fashion, music, literature, movies, DIY model-making, and gaming. Taking inspiration from a retro-futuristic mashup between a Victorian aesthetic and cyberpunk.

I just had to be involved in Steampunk! Well now I have immersed myself into the character of Doctor Horton Smythe, I’m having so much fun with it…

Each original is signed by Doctor Horton Smythe with a custom made wax seal…


Each collector of an original piece of artwork is also given a DHS stamped bottle of special elixir water by the Doctor!


Steampunk Friends…




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