Why I Support Cancervive

I am proud & honoured to be on the board of a wonderful charity called Cancervive.org.uk. We support people that have been affected by cancer. We do this by offering one to one meetings, telephone support & group meetings. Everyone that volunteers for Cancervive have been affected by cancervive, most having lost a loved one to cancer.

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I lost my Mum to cancer on 11/04/2014 so the third anniversary is nearly here. Cancervive supported me throughout my Mum’s battle with cancer, I don’t know how I would have coped without them. I have become very close friends with Paul & Helene Huggett that run the charity.

When my art career is more established I intend to donate artwork to Cancervive to be able to auction off in order to raise funds for them so they can continue to do all the great work they do.

Such a lot of good things have come out of the tragedy of losing my Mum, I have gained a new family in Cancervive. I have spent Christmas with them three times & they are always there for me when I need support.

I think it’s a good example of how we can heal each other & as artists we can use our artwork to help & to heal others.

The logo for Cancervive is the Zinnia flower, the centre of the flower represents the patient & the surrounding petals represent all the people giving support.

I painted a Zinnia flower & presented it to Paul & Helene as a Christmas gift, it is oil paint on a cotton canvas board.

Zinnia [2]

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Creative people are very fortunate to be able to use their skills to heal, entertain, help & nourish people. I find that creating art heals my pain in so many ways & when I give a piece away or sell a piece, it can be quite magical to see the reactions of the recipients. It makes me very happy that my collectors love & cherish my artwork. Creative people sometimes forget what an enormous contribution we give to the world!

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