Faith & Hope bring Success…

These are the first two Pieces of a series of three paintings which together will form my first Tryptic titled:

Faith & Belief bring Success…

I have so loved creating these two Pieces & I’m close to finishing the third… I have begun to enjoy success & it is spreading rapidly! I am filled with Gratitude for all the wonderful things that are now happening in my life… Never ever give up on your Dreams! Never ever… Every knock that life deals you suck it up & convert it into positive energy & if you are able to, creative energy…

Learn to keep away all the energy vampires & negative people, you are worth so much more. Have a Dream & make it a big Dream! It is just as easy to have a big Dream as it is to have a small Dream so have a big Dream!

Ignore all the detractors & neigh-Sayers… Find the strength & courage, grit your teeth & make it happen because you are worth it!



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