Life Will Never Be The Same Again My Friends…

I have smashed it in the Art-World my dear & lovely friends! Patience, hard work & tenacity have paid off in a huge way!

Along with my close friend & mentor Vitruvian, I have been invited to hold an Exhibition at a private residence in Fulham, West London for three nights, a stone’s throw from the UK Foreign Secretaries’s residence in September 2018… My lovely Art-Dealer, former diplomat & dear friend Mr Titus de Boer will invite some heavy hitting Art-Collectors…

Titus is going to put me up in a hotel & arrange shipping of my Artwork. This is what dreams are made of & I feel like I can walk on water my friends…

There will be approximately fifteen Artworks exhibited by Vitruvian & myself. Vitruvian will be showing his ‘Last Supper’ ‘Phoenix Rising’ ‘Fit for Work’ & ‘Brexit’ Vitruvian is just finishing off ‘Fit for Work’ & is making plans for ‘Brexit’ I’m not sure what I’m going to be showing yet… Watch this space…

I also have a Dublin based agent that is organising an Exhibition in a famous restaurant in the heart of Dublin City centre called Cornucopia, might pop over there for a nose…

Cornucopia Dublin Exhibition


Vitruvian Approved [1]

The Last Supper by Vitruvian

The Last Supper (2)

Phoenix Rising by Vitruvian


More images to be added soon…

Team Vitruvian


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