About what we do


Most of Horton’s Artwork is produced with oil-paint on canvas. He is always striving to challenge himself by developing new techniques and subject matter.

Most of his originals on this website are for sale, we also have reproductions of his  artwork available on canvas, Fine Art Paper & on lots of other high quality products Shop.

He has recently developed two pseudonyms:

Vitruvian & Doctor Horton-Smythe.

Vitruvian paints political subjects Team Vitruvian & Art Lecture Tour.

Doctor Horton-Smythe is an artist specialising in Steampunk art, he has just started his first series of Steampunk themed oil paintings:

Steampunk – Work in Progress!

Horton has recently partnered with a wonderful group of artists represented by ArtCraft.

ArtCraft help artists that have been affected by homelessness & disabilities to sell their artwork in order to gain independence.

Dreaming of a Golden Future

Purchase Dreaming of a Golden Future

40% of all sales of Horton’s artwork purchased through ArtCraft go towards helping people affected by homelessness & disabilities.